Questions about latest Cafienne docker container version


Dear community,

For a project for DCI we’ve received a Cafienne container dating mid-2017.
This was from a project called “GrOEI”, I don’t know if that rings any bells with you.

Now, our question is if there is any new docker container of Cafienne we can use.
Also, is there any documentation about Cafienne, or a starting guide?

We also read about some missing elements to conform with web standards of the government for web applications, has there been any progress on that end?
We’ve read that the Cafienne framework of mid-2017 doesn’t support most commonly used browsers, has this been fixed in the mean time?

Yours sincerely,



Hi René,

The project you are referring to is unknown to me, so I cannot answer any question related to that project.

If you check dockerhub you’ll see newer images are available. You’d best pull the latest version. If you have any more questions on getting the cafienne demo up and running, let me know, I can help you there.

Regarding documentation, there are articles available on the blogs part of, which should help you understanding cafienne. Currently we are working on extending documentation, which we hope to publish within a few days. But if you have any specific questions, you can also post them here!

Regards, Wouter


Hi Rene,
You can find a specific guide about getting started with Cafienne demo on
From there you can also check other aspects of Cafienne.

Regards, Giorgio